Purpose and Operation

The Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming journal is a fully refereed, open access, free, electronic journal. It welcomes papers on the art of programming, broadly construed (see Call for Papers).

Papers are refereed in the traditional way, with two or more referees per paper. Copyright is retained by the authors. Full-text access to all papers is freely available. No registration or subscription is required, and there are no Open Access fees for publication. Authors of published papers are expected to present their work in partenering conferences.

The journal is published by AOSA, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to facilitate the dissemination of scholarly works pertaining to programming.

Papers are prepared in LaTeX and submitted electronically as PDF files. On acceptance, authors are asked to provide all source files as specified in the Information for Authors.

Papers can be submitted at any time, but the journal reviews papers in batch, three or more times per year. The batch processing is designed to keep everyone involved (editors, reviewers and authors) on track, and to establish a strong sense of predictability for when specific activities are to happen. The goal is to have a fast turnaround of four months from start to end of each reviewing cycle.

The journal is divided into volumes, one per year, each with several issues. The issues correspond directly to the reviewing batches.