Volume 7, Issue 3

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22152/programming-journal.org/2023/7/issue3

  1. Notes on “Notes on the Synthesis of Form”
    Dawning Insights in Early Christopher Alexander

    Richard P. Gabriel
  2. Control Flow Duplication for Columnar Arrays in a Dynamic Compiler
    Sebastian Kloibhofer, Lukas Makor, David Leopoldseder, Daniele Bonetta, Lukas Stadler, and Hanspeter Mössenböck
  3. Profiling and Optimizing Java Streams
    Eduardo Rosales, Matteo Basso, Andrea Rosà, and Walter Binder
  4. Primrose: Selecting Container Data Types by Their Properties
    Xueying Qin, Liam O’Connor, and Michel Steuwer
  5. Black Boxes, White Noise: Similarity Detection for Neural Functions
    Farima Farmahinifarahani and Cristina V. Lopes
  6. Technical Dimensions of Programming Systems
    Joel Jakubovic, Jonathan Edwards, and Tomas Petricek
  7. Symphony: Expressive Secure Multiparty Computation with Coordination
    Ian Sweet, David Darais, David Heath, William Harris, Ryan Estes, and Michael Hicks