Volume 4, Issue 3

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22152/programming-journal.org/2020/4/issue3

  1. Programming Paradigms, Turing Completeness and Computational Thinking
    Greg Michaelson
  2. Sub-method, partial behavioral reflection with Reflectivity: Looking back on 10 years of use
    Steven Costiou, Vincent Aranega, and Marcus Denker
  3. Gavial: Programming the web with multi-tier FRP
    Bob Reynders, Frank Piessens, and Dominique Devriese
  4. Functional Programming in Pattern-Match-Oriented Programming Style
    Satoshi Egi and Yuichi Nishiwaki
  5. Foundations of a live data exploration environment
    Tomas Petricek
  6. Generating a Generic Fluent API in Java
    Tomoki Nakamaru and Shigeru Chiba
  7. Robust Contract Evolution in a TypeSafe MicroServices Architecture
    João Costa Seco, Paulo Ferreira, Hugo Lourenço, Carla Ferreira, and Lucio Ferrao
  8. Bacatá: Notebooks for DSLs, Almost for Free
    Mauricio Verano Merino, Jurgen Vinju, and Tijs van der Storm
  9. Lightweight Lexical Test Prioritization for Immediate Feedback
    Toni Mattis and Robert Hirschfeld
  10. Sthread: In-Vivo Model Checking of Multithreaded Programs
    Gene Cooperman and Martin Quinson
  11. Did JHotDraw Respect the Law of Good Style?
    A deep dive into the nature of false positives of bad code smells

    Daniel Speicher
  12. Reusing Static Analysis across Different Domain-Specific Languages using Reference Attribute Grammars
    Johannes Mey, Thomas Kühn, René Schöne, and Uwe Assmann
  13. Constructing Hybrid Incremental Compilers for Cross-Module Extensibility with an Internal Build System
    Jeff Smits, Gabriël D.P. Konat, and Eelco Visser
  14. Implementing a Language for Distributed Systems: Choices and Experiences with Type Level and Macro Programming in Scala
    Pascal Weisenburger and Guido Salvaneschi