Volume 8, Issue 3

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22152/programming-journal.org/2024/8/issue3

  1. Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom
    An Algebraic Representation for Edge Graphs

    Jack Liell-Cock and Tom Schrijvers
  2. Scheduling Garbage Collection for Energy Efficiency on Asymmetric Multicore Processors
    Marina Shimchenko, Erik Österlund, and Tobias Wrigstad
  3. Reactive Programming without Functions
    Bjarno Oeyen, Joeri De Koster, and Wolfgang De Meuter
  4. Privacy-Respecting Type Error Telemetry at Scale
    Ben Greenman, Alan Jeffrey, Shriram Krishnamurthi, and Mitesh Shah
  5. Broadening the View of Live Programmers
    Integrating a Cross-Cutting Perspective on Run-Time Behavior into a Live Programming Environment

    Patrick Rein, Christian Flach, Stefan Ramson, Eva Krebs, and Robert Hirschfeld
  6. Arrays in Practice
    An Empirical Study of Array Access Patterns on the JVM

    Beatrice Åkerblom and Elias Castegren
  7. Collective Allocator Abstraction to Control Object Spatial Locality in C++
    Takato Hideshima, Shigeyuki Sato, and Tomoharu Ugawa
  8. LiveRec: Prototyping Probes by Framing Debug Protocols
    Jean-Baptiste Döderlein, Riemer van Rozen, and Tijs van der Storm