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We ask that you choose a license for your paper that gives arXiv and our journal the necessary rights to store, publish, and distribute it. The default license is CC BY, but we also accept variations, including CC BY-NC.


In addition, we ask you to agree to some conditions regarding post-publication changes to your paper and dissemination of your work. The following are the terms of the agreement:

  1. This agreement is between The Art, Science, and Engineering of Programming journal (the “Journal”), and the copyright owner, or co-owner, (the “Owner”) of a paper (the “Work”) accepted to be published in the Journal.
  2. The Owner warrants that she/he has full power and authority to enter into this Agreement and to grant the rights granted by this Agreement and by the Creative Commons license hereunder. The Owner further warrants that all authors have been advised and have consented to the terms of this agreement and that the Owner acts as duly authorized agent of the other authors.
  3. The Owner agrees to have the Work covered by a Creative Commons license, whose specific modules are chosen by the Owner.
  4. The Owner agrees to grant the Journal the right to add metadata to the article, including, but not limited to, dates of submission and publication, volume and issue information, and a Digital Object Identifier.
  5. The Owner agrees to grant the Journal the right to act as 3rd-party uploader/updater of the article submitted to the Computing Research Repository (aka arXiv).
  6. The Owner agrees that no new version of the article, once it is published in the Journal, will be submitted to the Computing Research Repository (aka arXiv) without the agreement of the Journal.
  7. The Owner agrees to handle all changes or corrections via the assigned editor of the article in the Journal.
  8. The Owner agrees that further publication of the Work, with the same or substantially the same content as appears in the Journal, will include an acknowledgment of prior publication in the Journal.
  9. While the Journal is Open Access and free of charge, the Owner, or one of the co-authors, agrees to register for, and present the Work publicly at, the next ‹Programming› conference that follows the publication of the Work in the Journal.
  10. This Agreement is governed by the laws of California.