Volume 1, Issue 2

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22152/programming-journal.org/2017/1/issue2

  1. Open Programming Language Interpreters
    Walter Cazzola and Albert Shaqiri
  2. TRIOT: Faster tensor manipulation in C++11
    Oliver Serang and Florian Heyl
  3. Profunctor Optics: Modular Data Accessors
    Matthew Pickering, Jeremy Gibbons, and Nicolas Wu
  4. The pragmatics of clone detection and elimination
    Simon Thompson, Huiqing Li, and Andreas Schumacher
  5. A Module-System Discipline for Model-Driven Software Development
    Sebastian Erdweg and Klaus Ostermann
  6. Language Oriented Modularity: From Theory to Practice
    Arik Hadas and David H Lorenz
  7. Does Python Smell Like Java? Tool Support for Design Defect Discovery in Python
    Nicole Vavrová and Vadim Zaytsev
  8. Active Expressions: Basic Building Blocks for Reactive Programming
    Stefan Ramson and Robert Hirschfeld
  9. Edit Transactions: Dynamically Scoped Change Sets for Controlled Updates in Live Programming
    Toni Mattis, Patrick Rein, and Robert Hirschfeld
  10. Miscomputation in software: Learning to live with errors
    Tomas Petricek
  11. User-Defined Operators Including Name Binding for New Language Constructs
    Kazuhiro Ichikawa and Shigeru Chiba
  12. Transition Watchpoints: Teaching Old Debuggers New Tricks
    Kapil Arya, Tyler Denniston, Ariel Rabkin, and Gene Cooperman
  • User Studies

  1. What Is the Best Way For Developers to Learn New Software Tools? An Empirical Comparison Between a Text and a Video Tutorial
    Verena Käfer, Daniel Kulesz, and Stefan Wagner
  2. An Analysis of Introductory Programming Courses at UK Universities
    Ellen Murphy, Tom Crick, and James H. Davenport